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We are a company founded in 1985 and dedicated to the complete construction of civil works, construction and maintenance.

We have a Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008. Certificate by "Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance" by the Construction, repair and maintenance of public and civil works.

We have extensive experience undertaken construction, backed by the classifications Building Contractor State Spanish certified by the Advisory Board of the Ministry of Finance.

We have technical personnel on staff and in a collaborative, well qualified, professional prestige and extremely wide curriculum, reaching all the processes required by the activities developed, ie, from preliminary and surveying, drafting and legalization of projects, permits, execution and delivery of the works and the final project, and maintaining them.

We machinery virtually immediate and mechanical aids, and verification teams needed to effectively cover the functions that the company develops and availability, to incorporate the production process media that, for reasons of production, have to hire or outsource to other companies.

Our guarantee is the good relationship we have with our customers, and compliance and satisfaction shown by those in the works, services and advice that we do.

Projects carried out

Quality Policy

To capture the spirit of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008, the Directorate of TAGOINSA established the Quality Policy that maintaining the orientation to the attention of Customer expectations, media optimization, competence, motivation and protection of personnel, management caring suited to integrate a continuous improvement system as a basic principle of our company's commitment and challenge of providing error-free operation, always framing it within current regulations, in order to achieve full satisfaction of our clients, delegating to the Head of Quality Management implementation, maintenance and dissemination of the Quality System and loyalty in the relationship with the customer. The Quality Policy is established as follows:

  • 1. Basic foundation of the company is to ensure that the works and services performed comply with the maximum level required to improve expectations, outcome, quality our customers.

  • 2. The continuous improvement of both the effectiveness and efficiency of System Quality Management and the satisfaction of our customers is key to the sustainability of our society in a market increasingly competitive and innovative day. TAGOINSA poses this challenge as the main objective in our daily work.

  • 3. The final result of the works and services we offer to our customers is the result of the combination of the different activities carried out within the organization and that are interrelated, promoting the representation of activities under a process-oriented approach , where the absolute prevention of occupational risks is conducted in an active and permanent way by all company employees.

  • 4. The Directorate of Tagoinsa establishes and examines the "Process System Review by management, with the periodicity established for the purpose, goals Quality Management System, which must be consistent with the SGC and facilitate the evaluation of the effectiveness of procedures and processes, ensuring sufficient resources to achieve them.

  • 5. Furthermore, in order to maintain customer loyalty, it will ensure that this policy is maintained at all active time and continuous improvement process, bearing in mind the continuous communication with the client to debug those points that could be weak.

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